You're Being Cyberstalked!

Oct 2011

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a crazed cyber stalker? Well now, and just in time for Halloween, you can find out! And even better, you can integrate yourself into the whole experience while getting a grim peek at a life of a cyber stalker.

Take This Lollipop is an interactive site that works hand-in-hand with Facebook to deliver to its users a personalized horror movie experience.  After you allow the site to connect with your personal profile, Take This Lollipop then gleans your Facebook for your pictures and information and incorporates it into a mini horror film featuring a deranged, creepy, sweaty man obsessively stalking, you guessed it, your Facebook profile.

Goosebumps, much? It’s bad enough that the fidgety, creepy actor was so impeccably cast for the role, but to also see him slavering away at your own personal photos in his dark grungy apartment pushes it even further.

Take This Lollipop touches upon important topics of internet privacy and cyber stalking.  Although I’m pretty fastidious when it comes to screening my information through social media and online networks, watching Take This Lollipop and seeing my own photos pop up on the fictional stalker’s computer still makes me wonder how much of my information is floating out there.  And I can’t help but worry for novice social media users, who could unknowingly be giving out their private information.

For some great Facebook privacy tips, check out Marketing Pilgrim’s blog post.  And to get information direct from the source, keep up with the official Facebook Privacy page to get important updates regarding Facebook changes.

And if you want to get the chills (and a cyber stalking reality check), check out Take This Lollipop.


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