Your Brand Has a Story – Here’s How to Tell It

Sep 2020

Everyone has a story to be told. This is true for businesses, as well as people. As tempting as it may be to use marketing and social media to push the products or services your business offers, this is a waste of time. People tune in to your channels to listen to what you have to say – but if all you’re telling them day after day is what you can offer them, that’s nothing more than a sales pitch and they will eventually tune out. 


So, how do you keep those that are currently listening to your business tuned in and engaged? Here are some of our top tips:


Give them a little background

Audiences are searching for your brand’s background story, so give them a little history lesson!

Don’t be afraid to dive into a little history! Explain to your audience how your brand came to be and why. Bonus points for connecting that past history to why you’re still around today and your mission statement. 


It’s all about THEM

Create engaging stories and messaging based on what your consumer wants to hear. Using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics can give you a better understanding of your fan demographics and information they might be searching for. This is a good starting point for planning marketing messages.


Keep it brief

Don’t dance around the message you’re trying to convey. Determine your desired brand message, and say it. Being too long-winded or trying to convey too many messages at once will confuse and overwhelm your fan base. 


No matter where you’re publishing your brand story – on your website, social media, or blog posts – make sure that what you’re publishing is authentic and compelling. When messages don’t resonate, people quickly tune out. 


Presenting a consistent brand message across all platforms has been shown to increase revenue by up to 23 percent. 


If you need help telling your brand’s story, KWSM can help. 

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