Why People Leave Your Website Without Converting

Sep 2020

why_people_leave_website_without_convertingYou’ve laid out the plan – you have a solid advertising strategy, consistently interesting social media content, and a loyal list of email followers – but when you send them to your landing page, you can’t seem to get them to convert. What are you doing wrong? While there’s no secret formula to a perfect landing page, there are a few common mistakes businesses make on their website that may explain why people leave your page without converting. 

The Content Doesn’t Match Expectations 

One of the biggest culprits of poor page performance is disparity between the content they clicked on and the content of the page. If a potential customer clicks on a social post about the benefits of a new email platform and arrives at a page trying to sell them email lists, they are likely to click the back button. Make sure users know what to expect when clicking on your link and that the copy, design, and CTA on your landing page all make sense with the content that led them there.

There’s Too Much Going On

Another common mistake with landing pages is giving visitors too much information too soon. It can be tempting to promote all your products and services in one place – it seems like an easy way to cast a wide net and capture the attention of someone who may be interested in any one of your offerings. However, overwhelming visitors with options often drives them away; your landing page should target a specific audience or product of yours, and clearly guide those who land on the page toward one singular goal. 

The CTA is Unclear

Even with a well-designed landing page, an unclear CTA can confuse your audience and lead to high bounce rates. There should be only one call-to-action on your landing page, and each design element and piece of copywriting should guide the visitor to take this action. Make the CTA short, simple, and easy to understand to give your page the best opportunity for conversion. 


The Website Isn’t Optimized

You could be doing everything right  – matching user intent and curating great design and copy on your landing page – but without an optimized website, users may not even make it to the page. Slow load times, poor SEO, or lack of an SSL certificate can all dissuade users before they even see the landing page. Make sure you have a team of experts working on your website to ensure these issues don’t occur. Partnering with a digital marketing agency that understands how to optimize your website is the best way to ensure this.


Targeting your website landing pages correctly can increase conversion up to 300%.


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