Yelp Keyword Boosting and Custom Location Targeting: What Businesses Need To Know

Apr 2022

Yelp + Business Success

Yelp is more than finding a place for great food. It is a connection point for businesses to interact with their targeted audience. When we think of Yelp, we think of restaurants, but other businesses including retailers, home services, auto services, and health & fitness have flocked to the service. As many businesses are looking to use the platform to grow their audiences, Yelp has focused on addressing those needs by updating the way businesses advertise using their platform. Specifically, Yelp has made content capabilities better with Keyword Boosting and Custom Location Targeting. 


Yelp Keyword Boosting   

Yelp Keyword Boosting is a feature that allows businesses to optimize specific keywords to reach intended audiences. This feature will help businesses refine where their advertising spend is going in relation to specific keywords to generate higher leads. For example, a real estate agent could select “buying a house” or “homes for sale in San Diego” to boost their impressions. New customers and existing Yelp customers can access this feature through their Ads Dashboard. 


Yelp Custom Location Targeting 

Yelp Custom Location Targeting (CLT) was first introduced in May 2021; in its first iteration, only home and local service based businesses could advertise in a certain radius around their location. Yelp realized the larger impact this feature could have, so they have expanded it to all business types. Yelp also enabled the geographic reach to extend outside of their immediate area. CLT also will help businesses get the most value for their ad budget and make better informed decisions when it comes to audience targeting. 

What This Means For Your Business? 

Yelp Keyword Boosting and Custom Location Targeting (CLT) are beneficial features for businesses currently using Yelp or looking to get on the platform. Keyword Boosting will help businesses understand their customer’s wants and needs through Search Engine Optimization capabilities for higher lead generation. CLT enables all business types to promote their business in areas they’re looking to target in addition to their specified location. The two updates created through Yelp Ads will give businesses more control over reaching the right audiences


97% of users purchase a product or service after visiting Yelp, which can be tied to effective business positioning. 


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