Why Your Facebook News Feed Might Look Different

Jul 2020

The content you see on your Facebook News Feed may look slightly different thanks to a new algorithm. The revision is an attempt to put more emphasis on transparency and original reporting by boosting content from websites that provide information about their journalists and are the first to break a developing story.

“When we ask people what kind of news they want to see on Facebook, they continually tell us they want news stories that are credible and informative,” says the company’s vice president of global news partnerships and product manager, Jon Levi.

“We’re updating the way I rank news stories in News Feed to prioritize original reporting and stories with transparent authorship. These signals are based on user research and were built with feedback from news publishers and academic experts.” 

The social media giant also plans to start demoting content that does not disclose information about the publisher’s editorial staff. Facebook hopes this will stop sources that aren’t legitimate from gaining traction on its platform.

This all comes as major advertisers, including Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Microsoft have announced that they’re pulling ads from Facebook in the month of July in support of the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. Groups like the NAACP and Anti-Defamation League hope the one month hiatus on advertising will help hold Facebook accountable for how its platforms are able to spread misinformation.


Did you know, 68% of Americans get some news content from social platforms according to Pew Research.

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