Why Your Brand is Losing Social Media Followers

Sep 2020

Let’s talk followers. They’re important. In most cases, they’re the reason your brand is posting on social media, crafting savvy social media strategies, and constantly working towards new social goals. 


Every brand loves to gain followers, and it should be one of your business’ goals to help increase organic reach.  


But what about when the unspeakable happens- when you start to lose followers? Not one or two, but noticeable sums of followers? Before you can address the problem, you must understand a few of the top reasons why people say they unfollow brands and pages. 


Poor Customer Service

a red telephone with a cord appears flat lay style on a white backdrop
The days of picking up the phone to call a company about customer service are long gone. Now, people expect to contact you via social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram thrive because of engagement. A lot of times, this engagement comes from comments or direct messages and the conversations that follow. As a business or brand, consumers expect that if they post a comment or send a DM, you’ll address that. If you don’t, that consumer thinks they are being ignored and may be inclined to unfollow you.


Irrelevant Content

Your audience followed you to learn more about your businesses, and what it can do for them. If they decide your content is no longer relevant to their life, they’ll unfollow. 


Too Many Ads

Your followers understand that you are a business, and at the end of the day, you have sales goals to meet. What consumers won’t understand is if every single post is just an ad and no other content. Try mixing your posts up by sharing user-generated content, content that tells your brand story, or customer testimonials. 


Once you have pinpointed reasons as to why your page is losing followers, you can begin to strategize how to improve your page in those areas and continue to develop a consistent brand presence across social media platforms. 


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