Why You Should Be Using Text Message Marketing

Jun 2020

who you should use text message marketingIf you’ve ever done traditional marketing, you may know that billboards are popular along busy freeways because thousands of drivers have nothing better to do when they are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. When it comes to rapid communication, text messaging is America’s preferred vehicle.  In fact, we send 6 billion text messages per day and 180 million per month. When it comes to getting your brand’s message out, are you communicating where your desired audience is already engaging in dialogue?

What is Text Message Marketing? 

Text marketing has been around for years, but it is rapidly gaining popularity in the digital marketing sphere. Simply put, businesses can communicate with customers, clients, or prospects with text messaging.  


Sending texts about local events, exclusive deals, and company announcements is a great way to create a clear line to your customers. With a text, you are able to reach each individual directly without having to work through a 3rd party social platform or app. Text messaging is a focus for savvy business owners and marketers who want to convey valuable information and grow brand loyalty. The opportunity with text message marketing is immense; for customers who opt into these types of messaging, brands can see up to 98% open rates (the highest average open rate of any platform!). Understanding how to capitalize on this new trend can give you a leg up over competitors.


What Types of Customers Does it Work For?

Text message marketing works particularly well for small businesses looking to connect with their customer base on a more personal level. The level of directness text messaging offers can make a big impact on consumer outreach success for these types of companies.  


Think about your favorite bar or restaurant pinging your phone with food and drink specials. You’d love to receive a BOGO offer for dinner or learn about a discount on an ice-cold margarita. It may be just what you need at the end of a long day.


Perhaps you’ve been slacking on your workout routine.  Gym owners and personal trainers can add value by sending you quick workout tips or motivational messages to keep you focused on your goals.  


Salons, beauty businesses, and barbers can utilize text messaging to keep people engaged and loyal in-between visits in the chair.  Communications that are valuable could shorten the time between visits.  


To leverage the power of text message marketing, you need to segment your audience. Age, purchase history, and location can all be valuable segments in your text message strategy, and appropriately customizing your messaging to appeal to each group can determine the success of your campaign. 


How Should Your Company Be Using It?

As with any other digital marketing platform, having the appropriate strategy is essential to see results from text message marketing. Typically, successful text messaging is clear and concise, with an interesting hook and a strong CTA at the end. While you should keep your texts between 140-170 words, you still need to deliver an impactful message to keep your audience interested. Being mindful of the time you send your messages is important as well. Does your audience typically work 9-5 jobs? What do your customers like to do on the weekends? Being able to answer these types of questions can help you plan your messaging schedule to say the right things at the right time. 


As this channel continues to grow in popularity, trends show this platform is likely going to be around for some time. Incorporating it into your marketing strategy early can help you build a strong, comprehensive brand presence that drives sales and grows your business.


Customers are 134% more likely to respond to a text than an email.


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