3 Innovative Ways to Upcycle Content For Engagement

Jun 2020

Business owners post content to appeal and engage their audience. After a while, it may be difficult to think of new content that your audience will love. Creating brand new content each week can be a challenge and you may not have the time. If you feel that you’ve hit a slump with your content creation, new ideas aren’t as hard to find as you may think. 

Consider looking back at useful and relevant information from your own content and upcycle it! Take advantage of the information you have at hand, and spin it into a new post for your audience. If you’re searching for ways to create content, follow our innovative steps to upcycling content for engagement.

Refresh Old, Popular Content

Are some of your older posts outdated but still getting a lot of traffic? This is a perfect example of the type of content you should consider giving an update. Things change, so keeping your content up-to-date is necessary to be relevant. Refresh information and consider updating pictures and tags as well. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get noticed. A simple update may be exactly what you need to make sure you continue to get noticed. 

Rework On Social Media

Some of your content may not need to be updated, and can be used again without a problem! Perhaps you have a blog that’s performing well; reintroduce it to your audience with another statement on social media.  Change up how you introduce it or present it. Instead of text and photo, pull a graphic with the information. Sometimes, current events give you the opportunity to pull your best content and apply it to the new circumstance.

Repurpose Long-form Content 

Do you use ebooks or white papers for your business? If so, you can create content by pulling information from that content and turning it into a post or blog. The best part of repurposing informational content is that it’s already written, and you only need to gather facts, statistics.  You likely spent a lot of time creating that content and it contains a tremendous value. Cut it up and turn it into bite-size informational nuggets. Whether it’s a graphic, text, or blog, ensure that you create links back to the sources to ensure that you’re hitting all marks.




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