How to Create a Marketing To-Do List that Works

Jun 2020

Where marketing is concerned, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of ever-compounding tasks. Before you know it, everything is urgent, and nothing is getting done. Here’s how to build a to-do list that will allow you to be more proactive with your marketing efforts and get more out of your day.

Avoid Having One Big List

The cardinal sin in proper to-do listing is having one long, never ending list. When you’re considering so many tasks at once, it gets difficult to focus on what needs to happen next and to see that task through to completion. Avoid to-do list paralysis by learning to assess what needs to happen now and what can wait, then separate your to-do list accordingly. 

Identify Recurring Tasks

Regardless of what kind of marketing you’re doing for your business, most strategies require ongoing upkeep. Things like checking in on your social channels and networking with prospects or other experts in your field are things that need to happen daily in order for you to stay on track toward your goals. Since these tasks will be perpetual items on your to-do list, they deserve a designated space in your schedule. Set aside a predetermined block of time every day to work on them. You’ll find that if you aren’t falling behind on small, consistent tasks, it’ll be easier to save your focus and energy for tackling bigger projects.

Break Projects into Manageable Pieces

Some tasks look deceptively simple when you put them on your list. Learn to recognize what items are actually projects that need to be broken down into smaller sub-tasks. A good rule of thumb is to identify things on your to-do list that you expect to take more than a couple of hours and break them down into bite-sized components. Not only will doing so keep you on track, but it will also establish valuable markers by which to measure your progress.

Tackle Important Tasks First

You may think that you’re giving your productivity a boost by crossing smaller, more enjoyable tasks off your list first, but in reality, the opposite is true. The EOS method for setting goals advises that if you do the important things first, you will find that you have time for everything else. In other words, safeguard your time by tackling the things that might take you the longest or that you might be most likely to procrastinate on first. Fast-tracking these items will invariably leave you more time for everything else. 

Celebrate the Small Wins

You should constantly be tracking your KPIs and assessing the efficacy of your efforts, which should mean that you’re very aware of when things work and when they don’t. Don’t forget to celebrate the little victories! Not only will looking for smaller wins help nudge your efforts in the direction of what works best for your brand, but it’ll reinforce your to-do list efforts as well. 

There are a finite number of hours in every day, and most marketing initiatives simply cannot be accomplished overnight. Plan accordingly and build a system that really holds you accountable and helps you evaluate and celebrate your progress. After all, the best to-do list is the kind that you’re excited to tackle every morning. Build your marketing to-do list appropriately, and that’s just the kind of list you’ll have.

Goal-setting marketers are 376% more likely to report success.

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