3 Design Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversions

Sep 2020

Landing pages can help you accomplish a variety of goals, from capturing leads to warming up potential customers and priming them for other marketing efforts further down the sales funnel. Regardless of its specific goal or call to action (CTAs), however, every landing page should do one thing extremely well: convince visitors to take one very specific action. 

Unlike your homepage or other pages on your site, your landing pages should focus on specific short-term goals. They should provide visitors with direct and clear calls to action, and should include little else to distract visitors from converting. This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative; it just means that when it comes to directing your visitors’ attention, less is more if you truly want to see results. Learn what three design tips you can employ to simplify your landing page design and accelerate your conversion rate.

Get Organized

Half the battle in good landing page design is your organizational strategy. Remember that you want your landing page to be effective for both mobile and desktop users, so your design should make pertinent information immediately visible to visitors on both of those devices. Think about where your visitors are coming from and what information made them click, as well as how they will synthesize the information that they’ll find on your landing page once they get there. Reduce the number of actions it takes for your customer to convert, as well as the number of opportunities they have to click away from your landing page to another page on your site. Establish a prominent CTA above the “fold,” or in other words, well above the point where users on desktop or mobile would have to scroll to see it. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to take action immediately upon landing on your page, and eliminate any extraneous content or navigation options that might detract from that action.

Remove Distractions

Now is not the time to encourage customers to click around. Provided that you understand who your customers are and where they’re at in their customer journey, the information that you need to present to your visitors should be concise and to the point. Decide exactly who you’re going to send to your landing page and precisely what they should be compelled to do, then design the page to give them only the information they need in order to take their very next step. 

Just as your content should be concise and direct, your CTA should be prominent, compelling, and singular. Avoid having competing CTAs on the same page. We’re inclined to believe that giving customers more options is always better, but psychology’s paradox of choice tells us that too many choices can lead to paralysis and inaction. Take this into consideration when developing your landing page and focus only on the CTA that would be most compelling for your visitors.

Use Color Wisely

Vibrant, multicolored designs are fun and have their place if that style aligns with your brand, but when designing your landing page, you’re better off sticking to one or two prominent brand colors. Choose at most two colors that you’ve already defined in your brand style guide, and limit yourself to those colors for most of your page. Delineate a third contrasting color (hopefully one that is also in your brand’s color palette) to use for any CTAs. Not only will this help your CTAs stand out from the rest of your landing page, but it will signal to visitors where their action points are, as well.

It might be tempting to throw everything but the kitchen sink at your landing page design with the intention of providing an elaborate and vibrant experience for potential customers. When it comes to effective design that converts, however, leave all of the extras at the door and focus on creating a visual experience that funnels visitors directly to the action you want them to accomplish. This way, you can effectively create an enjoyable and streamlined experience that always converts.

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