Why Keywords Are Important On Social Media

Dec 2020

why_keywords_are_important_on_social_mediaWhile every social media platform is different, optimizing your posts for keywords is important on almost every single one. People often search for content or information through keywords, and understanding how to choose and present your keywords to attract your target audience is essential for success. Here’s a breakdown of why keywords are important and how you should be using them on these unique social media platforms.


Twitter is a beast of a platform. The short character count and flow-of-consciousness-style content leads to a platform that offers major opportunities for trending tweets and high exposure, but also brings the competition of hundreds of thousands of other tweets. When it comes to keywords on Twitter, hashtags used to be an essential ingredient in helping users find relevant content. However, the algorithms have advanced to where users can find your content based on any keyword in your tweet, not just from hashtags. When it comes to strategizing, this opens up opportunities for you to seamlessly incorporate keywords straight into your content without an overwhelming amount of hashtags. You should monitor Twitter’s trending topics regularly to identify keywords that people are searching for and match your brand.


Since Instagram is primarily a visual social media platform where photos and videos are in the spotlight there is a common misconception that keywords are not important. This is far from the truth. In terms of new content discovery, Instagram relies heavily on hashtags to categorize content and showcase the right posts to the right people. Unlike Twitter, Instagram’s only form of keyword research is through these hashtags, so including multiple hashtags in each post is essential to getting your content out in front of new eyes. We recommend at least 11 hashtags on each post to get maximum exposure.


Pinterest is a unique platform. It is geared toward inspiration and education more than traditional content consumption. Because of this, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to capture your audience through keywords. Monitoring the most searched or trending keywords on Pinterest can guide your strategy when writing pin titles and descriptions. The algorithm uses these aspects of your pin to determine what search queries you show up under. Each pin should have a specific keyword it targets, and this is a great way to drive traffic to your website through your pins.


Facebook is one of the longest-living social media platforms and hosts over 2.7 billion active users. Keywords should be essential to success there too, right? Surprisingly, the misuse of hashtag-style keywords on Facebook can actually hurt your business’s post performance more than help it. While Facebook does have the capability to hashtag, doing so just for the sake of it may negatively impact your post reach and engagement. If you want to use hashtags on Facebook, stick to one curated keyword per post.


This professional social networking platform started as a place to job search and connect with professionals, but it has now become a hot spot for thought leadership and content consumption. Many individuals and organizations use LinkedIn to share their expertise and promote their services, and use keywords to help them do so. Using 2-4 relevant, strategic hashtags on each of your posts can help new, interested users discover your page and help get your business page in front of new eyes. 


Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B MarketingAcross platforms, post engagement increases with the use of keywords and hashtags.


Beyond the ones mentioned here, almost every social media page can benefit from hashtags. For a holistic and well-structured keyword strategy, you need a team like KWSM on your side.


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