Why Instagram DMs Are Valuable For Your Small Business

Apr 2021

girl answering Instagram DMs on a skateboardInstagram has become the go-to platform for customers to get more information on products and services they’re interested in. It’s important to recognize the opportunity to make an impression, especially when it comes to direct messages on Instagram. Here are the top reasons why Instagram DMs are valuable for your small business.

Opportunities for Conversions

DMs give brands an opportunity to lead their customers further down the marketing funnel which can lead to conversions. If a follower DMs your profile asking questions about how to use your products, requests pricing quotes, or needs your hours of operation, this means they’re already interested in your products or services. The small amount of effort it takes to give them a timely response can make a huge impact in building trust with your brand. According to Social Sprout, 65 percent of people feel greater brand loyalty when they receive a response over social media.


Video Chat Through DMs

The video chat feature found in DMs is underutilized by brands on Instagram. Video chats are a great way to offer customers a quick and convenient consultation. Videos in general create a more personalized experience. This type of interaction is especially valuable for businesses selling services. A hairdresser could use this form of communication to consult with a client about a hair appointment and turn the consultation into a booking.


The Quick Reply Feature

According to Convince & Convert, 32 percent of social media users who contact a brand expect a response within 30 minutes, and 42 percent expect a response within 60 minutes. The bottom line is that customers have high expectations when it comes to brand responsiveness on social media. Quick replies allow your brand to create templated responses that can easily be sent through Instagram DM and provide customers with relevant resources and answers to their questions. This feature is a huge time saver when managing customer service inquiries or FAQs.


The Power of Story Replies

Creating engaging content on Instagram Stories is a great way to instigate customer engagement through DMs.  Try posting interactive story features like questions, quizzes, and polls. Then DM your followers a message catered to their response to your Story. For maximum efficiency, create a quick reply for each type of response you plan to send. 


Instagram DMs are a unique way to personally connect with your audience, address customer concerns, and educate potential customers about your products or services. This can be one of your most powerful social media tools when used effectively!


88 percent of consumers are less likely to purchase from a company that doesn’t respond to questions on social media

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