How to Grow Your Audience By Live Tweeting Events

Dec 2016

What sets Twitter apart from other social media platforms is how it values “real time” news and commentary. Sure, Facebook and Instagram live, are the Johnny-come-latelys to the social broadcasting party. But Twitter is the OG of real-time discussions and confessions. But this doesn’t have to be lost on breakups, reactions to reality TV, or even politics! Businesses – both B2B and B2C – can benefit from live tweeting.

How to Live Tweet

If you are planning to live tweet an event, plan ahead. Stay up to date on what events are trending and what people are most likely going to be talking about online that are related to industry or business. If this is a convention or event, it may have a specific hashtag. Do some research and find out what the main hashtag is going to be and use this in every one of your live tweets. This will help you connect and gain exposure with other attendees, but those watching from afar.

When to Live Tweet

When deciding on an event to live tweet, make sure you are selecting an event that is relevant to your company and will attract the audience you are looking for. You don’t have to be an expert, but if you are commenting on an industry you are familiar with, you can use your live tweets as a way to show off your knowledge in the space. The event you are tweeting will naturally attract users who are interested in similar topics. These are the potential fans you will be interacting with so make sure you are reaching the specific audience you are looking for when selecting an event. 

What to Live Tweet

You don’t want to broadcast everything your business does, but live tweeting can highlight your efforts, as well as your attendance and knowledge related to an event outside your company. Some of these events include:

  • Major company news where your CEO or President is speaking publically
  • During a launch of a product or service
  • Attending a convention before, during and after
  • Keynote addresses, speaking sessions, or roundtables you are attending on behalf of your company
  • Live details of a product or service unveiling

Here’s an example of how live tweeting works: Recently, NBC aired a live version of the production Hairspray. Using the hashtag #Hairspraylive they created a space for users to live tweet their opinions and thoughts on the show. One of the most notable celebrities to participate was Anna Kendrick. From her account @AnnaKendrick47 she live-tweeted the entire show, tweeting out 16 times to her 5.91M followers. She has a huge Twitter fan base because of events like this where she interacts online and shows off her true, authentic self.

While you may not have as big of a fan base as Anna Kendrick, don’t be discouraged. Live tweeting is one of the best ways to interact online and begin gaining an engaged and interested following. Choose something that interests you, relates to your company, and get tweeting.

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