Why Content Creation is Good For Business and Relieving Stress

Oct 2015
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Between overbearing bosses and an impossible workload, stress in the workplace is inevitable. Researchers say 77 percent of working Americans regularly experience symptoms of stress. In order to break this statistic while still being productive at work, dedicate time to creating content on your social media channels. Here are three reasons to put those tedious reports on hold and relax as you build brand awareness online.

Brings You Back to The Basics

When searching for content creation ideas, make sure every post embodies your company’s mission. While thinking about the essence of your business, remember what inspired you to create it in the first place. Users will form a better connection with your business when you give them something to relate to – like your dreams and aspirations. 64 percent of consumers who said they had a strong connection with a brand sited shared values as the reason for their loyalty, according to Help Scout. These simplistic posts can include your background story, fun behind the scenes pictures, and your vision for where the company is headed in the future.

Focuses on the Positive Perspective

Use your social media platforms as a place to project everything that is going great within your company and you will start to feel great, too. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, keeping a positive perspective will lead to a longer life, lower rates of depression, and a greater resistance to the common cold. There’s also a medical incentive to posting engaging content. Studies have proven getting Facebook “likes” can actually release dopamine, a brain chemical associated with pleasure. With an average of two billion “likes” a day on Facebook, your company’s business page could quickly become your happy place.

Gives You a Creative Outlet

Take a break from crunching numbers at your desk to create and curate content for your company’s social media channels. This reprieve from your daily demands is your time to get creative and promote your company’s personality. Creativity is no longer an option in the workplace; it’s crucial, according to Fortune. By routinely coming up with creative content, researchers say you will also become a better leader, team member, and critical thinker.

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