What is Meta’s new Threads?

Jul 2023

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Meta’s New Threads

Meta’s newest platform for their Social Suite is here, and it’s called Threads. 

I know, I know, I’m asking the same question; another social media platform? Why? Well, my guess is Twitter, which now goes by X Corp. or simply X, just isn’t what it used to be. Ever since, (at the time) Twitter’s acquisition, X Corp has added paywalls and limitations on tweets you can read. These are just a few, among other changes. Meta, like a feisty cat, pounced on the opportunity and launched Threads on July 5th, 2023.

For 13 years and counting, KWSM: a digital marketing agency, has leveraged the power of social media platforms and is continuously exploring new formats and platforms to support any business’ marketing efforts. As a Digital Account Manager working in the industry for more than 8 years, knowing which social channels are the best fit for our clients and partners is crucial. Not all platforms are needed to execute your marketing goals. For example, a logistics company probably won’t have a large following on this platform, whereas a clothing company could thrive on the Threads.  We see Threads having the potential to help certain, not all organizations connect with their fanbase and consumers. 

As we dive into Threads, let’s examine some key points. First, we’ll look at what exactly is Threads. Next, we’ll talk about key advantages and disadvantages and whether this new platform is in line with your marketing strategies. Finally, we’ll discuss  how it could affect the competition.

What is Threads?

Threads is the newest social media platform launched by Meta. Think of it as if Facebook and Instagram had a baby, Threads would be their love child. It has Facebook’s ability to create longer content (up to 500 characters) and Instagram’s image and video components. Visually, out of the gates, it mirrors X’s (Twitter) UI and UX

Threads Desktop UI
Threads' desktop UI.
Threads’ Mobile UI
Threads' mobile UI.

Who Can Access It?

Anyone who currently has an Instagram account will have pre-approved sign up through Threads. You might be wondering how this will affect your business account? Your business account will be a business account. However, if someone has taken your username on Threads specifically, you’ll have to choose a different name.

Meta knows it’s still very much in its infancy and has promised users a more robust search and precise recommendations in the future. 

“Our approach will be the same as our other products: make the product work first, then see if we can get it on a clear path to 1 billion people and only then think about monetization at that point.” 

Mark Zuckerberg  | CEO, Meta

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Threads?

It has only been a couple of weeks since the launch of threads, but here are some of the pros and cons of the platform. 


  • Easy accessibility (if you have Instagram already)
  • Your Instagram followers transfer over to your Threads account
  • Post can be up to 500 characters
  • Videos can be up to 5 minutes
  • Claiming better monitoring of negative or unwanted content
  • No limitations to access on your feed


  • Instagram Account is required
  • Threads’ Privacy Policy collects and holds onto a variety of your personal data 
  • Generic UI and UX 
  • No real customization
  • Trends are not being displayed 
  • Not accessible in the EU (Pending EU Ruling
  • You have to delete your Instagram account to delete your Threads account

If you already have an Instagram account, all of your stored user data will transfer over to your Threads count, including your followers and who you are following.  Having a pre-built fanbase on this new channel is certainly a plus!

How Will It Affect Twitter?

Threads is currently the most rapidly downloaded app, even beating out ChatGPT. Two weeks after their launch, they accumulated one-fifth of the users active on Twitter. Three weeks in, and they’ve seen a 50% drop off in usage, dropping from 49 million users to 23.6 million. With a bare-bones rollout, these numbers seem about right. Meta still has an uphill battle, albeit not as difficult for someone just getting into the social game. 

“Recently, Threads has been the most talked about social media platform and hopping on the trend may be beneficial to your business. Threads can be used for posting exclusive content, sharing announcements, and it promotes positive communication. Whether you decide to use Threads or not, remember that the platform can be good for community building.”

– Ellen Mei | Junior Content Creator, KWSM 


Threads definitely has some perks that differentiate it from the competition.  A 500-character count and 5-minute video posts might get people to abandon the Twitterverse and make the switch. 

It’s still too early to say who will come out of the Thunderdome as the victor. With Meta’s track record of taking on giants, it might be the end of a Tweet and the beginning of a Thread. If X Corp. can’t prove that X marks the spot, then they might find themselves with more exes than they anticipated. 

Tweet from @joelrrenner explaining how twitter was great in the beginning but with recent updates and rebranding has drastically change X.

Looking to Ramp Up or Expand Your Social Media Reach?

Threads may not be the answer for your organization, but there are a bevy of options of social platforms that extend your reach not only to previous customers but potential ones too. Whether you incorporate this social channel or any other social channel, it’s important that this is an element of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Interested in learning if Threads is suited for you or how we can help you with your current social media strategy? Let’s talk about how our teams can expand your social bandwidth. Fill out the contact form below, and a team member from KWSM: a digital marketing agency will be in touch!

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