What do YouTube Handles Mean for Business Owners?

Nov 2022

YouTube handlesYouTube handles are one of the newest tools for creators and businesses. These new handles are designed to help users’ channels get more easily discovered and engage with the community. Learn more about this new tool and discover how it can support your YouTube marketing efforts.

Handle vs URL

Many YouTube channels already have customized URLs. Handles will take this personalization even further. Each channel will be able to create a custom handle using their current page URL or by creating a new unique name. This personalization helps channels stand out from competitors or other pages with similar business names. 

Location and Commenting

Handles will appear on brands’ pages and Shorts. Handles can also be used in comments, community posts, and video descriptions. Since some YouTube channel names tend to be long, handles will help make channels easier to remember when engaging with. Channels can also be shouted out or tagged in the title of collaboration videos using custom handles. 

Top Benefits of YouTube Handles

Outside of the obvious benefit of clear identification, YouTube handles can support your business in a variety of ways.

  • Reach new audiences on YouTube
  • Connected in YouTube community groups using your channel handle
  • Increase content and channel visibility with handle tagging
  • Promote engagement on new and older videos
  • Get noticed in shorts

YouTube will begin rolling these handles out starting November 14. Those channels with the highest subscriber account and engagements will be the first to receive the ability to choose a customized handle.

megaphone75% of people say YouTube videos make them more aware of new brands or products.

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