What are Calls to Action and Why do They Matter?

May 2021

Whether you’re crafting a blog, a new website landing page, a newsletter, or an ad, including a call to action should be an essential part of your content.

A call to action is a prompt that explicitly tells the reader what action to take after viewing your collateral. These are typically placed at the end of a section, paragraph, or page. 

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To make sure your audience or readers hear you loud and clear about what action you want them to take, include a call to action.

Examples of Calls to Action

Calls to action can include many types of verbiage, but a few of the most common are:

  • Subscribe
  • Buy Now
  • Get Offer 
  • Follow Us on Social Media
  • Learn More
  • Join Now or Join for Free
  • Download Now 
  • Sign Up
  • Get Started
  • Get a Quote or Request a Quote

The call to action that you choose to include should be based on what type of collateral you are working with and what action you want the reader to take.

There are a few specific calls to action that are exclusive to social media, such as “Swipe Up,” on Instagram Stories. These are still considered calls to action since they tell the viewer what to do, however, they aren’t applicable on other platforms (you wouldn’t tell someone in a newsletter to “Swipe Up” for more information since that wouldn’t make sense).

Why Calls to Action Matter 

Content can be published or sent out without a call to action – but when companies do not include a call to action, they are relying on the reader to be motivated enough to take action, whether that be as simple as subscribing to the newsletter or more complex like making a purchase from the company. 

Regardless of the end goal, relying on the viewers to take action by themselves is a risky venture. You already know how difficult it is to keep a viewer’s attention, but asking them to go above and beyond only increases the likelihood they will tune out or leave your website. Once a viewer clicks away from your original post there is no guarantee that your business will have the opportunity to be in front of them again. 

So, remember, before you publish your next blog, website landing page, newsletter, or ad, make sure to include a call to action to encourage people to take action beyond simply reading what you published.

More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy.

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