Web Design Agency Case Study: Using Design and SEO to Create a Website That Converts

Aug 2023
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Your website is your customers’ first impression of your business, and the design you choose for it can determine whether or not a customer reaches out to work with you. Many businesses struggle to achieve desired results from their websites because their design doesn’t effectively encourage prospects to make purchases or request time with their team. A web design agency can assist you in creating a site that effectively achieves your lead-generation goals.

KWSM has an experienced web design team that has helped thousands of clients build and maintain effective websites that get results. As a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, I’ve worked with dozens of clients over the last three years who struggled to get the right results from their marketing because their websites were not up to par. I’ve seen firsthand how a great website design can maximize the results of all of your marketing elements. 

In this blog, I will explain how we assisted a client in achieving their objectives by redesigning their website for better conversions. Before I share those details, let’s dive into how website design works hand-in-hand with lead generation results.

Why is Website Design Essential for Lead Generation?

The purpose of every company’s website is to convince visitors to take action, usually in the form of a purchase, sign-up, or some other goal. A site designed with a simple user experience in mind is the key to decreasing friction and improving customer experiences when, for example, someone is trying to make a purchase. This is done by taking into consideration whether users are accessing your site through a mobile or desktop device, what are they seeking when they come to your site, and how simple is it for customers to connect with you.

As a website design agency, our goal is to make it as simple as possible for your customers to take the action you want them to take. Again, this could involve a purchase, filling out a contact form, or even making a phone call. 

We recently partnered with a client in the solar battery industry to enhance user experience and boost lead generation from their website. Let’s break down the challenges our client was facing and how we used design, SEO, and copywriting to rebuild their website.

The Challenge

Our client in the solar battery industry was experiencing rapid growth and aimed to engage multiple audiences concurrently. Their main goal was to encourage homeowners to make a purchase and installers to become a partner. However, their existing website did not clearly speak to their audiences in a manner that encouraged those prospects to take action. The overall design also did not clearly support the needs of these audiences.

Our team came up with a plan to redesign the site to better reach these homeowners and installers and improve lead generation results. 

The Tactics

In order to improve both the design and messaging of the website, we focused on rewriting several pages to speak to their audience’s needs, redesigning the main homepage, and creating pages for each specific audience. Here’s how we accomplished each task.


As mentioned earlier, the client’s existing website was not speaking to buyers and sellers effectively. Through design, our goal was to create a clear focus on their two audiences. Here are the changes we made on their website to simplify the process of making a purchase or becoming a partner.

Overall, we updated the design to a more cohesive look throughout the site and modernized the look and feel by including additional product photos and reorganizing the white space. 

To encourage their site visitors to take action we added clear call-to-action buttons for each of the audiences that took users to their designated homepages to learn more and complete a contact form. Additionally, we updated the top navigation menu to condense pages and allow users to find what they were looking for more easily.

“As the designer/developer behind the scenes, the site has definitely been powered up, all pun intended. With its sleek design, intuitive navigation, and engaging copywriting, we leveled up the user experience, making it easier for visitors to find exactly what they needed.”

– Matthew Cancilla, Web Designer, KWSM

In addition to encouraging users to fill out a form, this client also wanted to provide their customers with educational resources. To support this goal, we created a resource hub for these important documents that required users to enter their information into a form and download these resources. 

Adding a form requirement to download these documents, also known as “gated content,” allowed the client to follow up later with these specific customers and move them towards marking a purchase or becoming a partner.

Copywriting and SEO

To support the new design of the website, our team focused on rewriting pages to better speak to our client’s audiences and implementing SEO best practices. The biggest copy change we made was cutting down on the former website’s specification-heavy style. This helped to condense the site’s total word count significantly and allowed us to be more concise and direct with the information we shared with both audiences. 

On the SEO side, we aimed to hone in on those organic users that were homeowners and contractors. 

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the competitiveness of the solar industry. In organic search, this client was up against some very big players. We tried to combat the competition by finding less competitive keywords that had slightly lower volume. This would allow our client’s website and content to appear higher in these specific searches without losing out on high-quality leads. 

For our contractor audience, we targeted people using organic search engines who did not know the full benefits of solar batteries and may have been missing out on providing the best service to their clients. We used a variety of keywords and phrases to find these users in their searches. 

For homeowners, we focused on showing them the why and used keywords and phrases to help hone in on the benefits of using our client’s product.  These specific messaging points for each audience are also reflected on the main home page design where we included “I’m a dealer” and “I’m a homeowner” call-to-action buttons. 


After implementing this design, copy, and SEO changes, our client’s new website was launched. We began seeing improvements within the first 30 days.

Here are the results:

  • 26% increase in average session duration
  • 22% increase in pages per session
  • 14% increase in organic search traffic
  • 13% increase in new website visitors

We will continue to adjust our SEO targeting as more users come to the website to ensure we are continuously going after the right audience members who are most likely to convert into customers.

How Can a Web Design Agency Help Increase Your Leads?

As I’ve shared in this blog, the design of your website is directly connected to the success of your marketing. As the hub of all of your efforts, your site needs to speak directly to your audience, call them to action, and make it simple to find the information that they need. 

Working with an experienced web design agency can take the pressure off of ensuring your website works. A team like KWSM will carry the weight of developing a design that converts so you can focus on your business and feel confident your marketing is getting results.

The team at KWSM can help you through every step of web design, from strategy to execution. Let us take care of the process from beginning to end and bring your website to life.

If you want to learn more about our website services, complete the contact form below. The KWSM team will reach out to start a conversation about your goals.

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