Twitter Serves Up More Live Streaming Sports

Jul 2016
Source: @headtennis_official

Twitter is continuing its push into the crowded live streaming space. The most recent event that the platform livestreamed was last week’s Wimbledon. The tennis championship was the platform’s first high definition TV event.

While tennis fans enjoyed the event, football fans are awaiting the arrival of the NFL on Twitter. Last fall, Twitter made a $10 million deal with the NFL’s Thursday Night Football. What’s up next for the social media platform? Twitter isn’t focusing solely on sports. It has been reported that Twitter and CBS News are planning to livestream the Republican and Democratic National Conventions later this month.

Live streaming has become a huge trend in the social media world. Snapchat is ruling the video world allowing instant video sending between users. Facebook’s Live feature is catching on. Viewers can access Facebook’s Live Map highlighting all of the live global streams.

Twitter is building upon their live streaming capabilities with these largely popular events. On the desktop version, the video has its feed, which is by itself on the left side of the screen. The video can also be maximized to fit the whole screen. On the right is a timeline of tweets that relate to the live video. You can compose a tweet at the top of the timeline, that at the time of Wimbledon, added a preloaded hashtag of #Wimbledon.

Source: IPG Media Lab
Source: IPG Media Lab

Non-Twitter users will have the ability to watch the live streamed content – and the platform hopes that those viewers create new accounts. Twitter’s most recent advancements in live streaming will certainly appeal to sports fans. On a larger note, it will keep Twitter prevalent when it comes to livestreaming capabilities on social media platforms.

Live streaming is becoming the most popular way to interact with your followers. From platform to platform, social media channels are adjusting to this switch. To stay up to day with all social media news, follow us on Facebook!

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