How to Use Social Media to KickStart your Kickstarter Campaign

Jul 2016


On the internet, word travels quickly. Social platforms allow us to share information and stories with our friends and family with immediacy. The instant information we are consuming creates room for new business strategies that wouldn’t be possible without social media. In 2009, KickStarter emerged. The platform allowed users to pledge money and fund companies they normally would not have heard or seen if it weren’t for the web. Now, you can instantly become an “investor” of a start-up company at the click of a button. Turning a dream into a business takes hard work. Social media can elevate your KickStarter Campaign and secure funding for your new venture.

Ready the Channels

Before your KickStarter launches, it is important to organize all of your social media channels. Set up accounts using the same name and info across all platforms. Remember, consistency is key. If someone finds you on one social platform, it is important that they can find you on all of the other ones. Having a similar bio on each page will create a strong brand.

Share the Link

Begin posting about your product on social media BEFORE the KickStarter launches. You want to establish each channel as a reliable source before anyone starts to find your page. When the KickStarter launches, share the link with as many people as you can. You want your fans to be invested enough to share your product on their own channels, so get creative.

Identify Potential Targets

To find a niche for your product, you need to find your target audience. Begin searching and identify your targets before launching the KickStarter. You can find them by thinking about what kind of problem your product solves, and find people discussing that problem online. Follow these people and engage them, using the KickStarter link.

Connect and Monitor Conversations

Once you begin to encourage conversation about your product, get talking! Discuss key talking points and look to capitalize on trending topics. Find out what is trending on Twitter or in the news and figure out ways to incorporate those topics into your posts. Make the topic relevant to your product but still keeping up with the current trends. Always send fans back to the KickStarter so they will know where to go when they decide to support your project.

Using KickStarter can be an amazing way to quickly fund your company and allow you to follow your dreams, but the process only works if people know you exist. The most important part about crowdfunding is getting the word out about your product. The best way to do this is through constant interaction on social media. The more links you send out and the more conversations you start your company, the more people can send money your way. Once your company is funded, and you produce your product, Instagram is a great way to encourage sales. Find out the best ways to sell your company’s products on Instagram here.


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