3 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open Rate

Nov 2020

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers and keep them interested in your business. Thousands of emails are sent out each day, but it’s not guaranteed that the people on your list will open every email. With so many businesses using email to reach and attract customers, your business’ email marketing efforts could be falling lower within your subscribers’ inboxes if you don’t adjust your tactics.

To increase your open rate and get subscribers excited about your business, consider the email marketing tips below.

Make Emails Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones allow us to stay connected. Whether it’s for work or leisure, smartphones let people check emails on-the-go. According to Hubspot, 46% of all email opens are made on mobile devices. If your emails are not optimized for mobile devices, you could be losing significant reach. To ensure your emails are mobile-friendly:

  • Keep subject lines short and enticing
  • Keep your copy concise
  • Make your call-to-action noticeable

Create Engaging Email Experiences

Most marketing efforts over email are meant to drive sales. Your email subscribers opted-in because they want to receive news about your business, so focusing on delivering valuable content. If your emails are curated for engagement, your subscribers are more likely to interact with the information provided. To make emails more engaging, try revealing exclusive news to subscribers, including interesting information related to your industry, or providing special discounts.

Try the Double-Opens Tactic

This tactic is meant to send the same email a second time to anyone on your subscriber list who didn’t open the initial email. In simple terms, you are sending the same email twice, but with a few changes. Before you resend an email, consider the reasons why it wasn’t opened in the first place, and make edits. This could be a catchier subject line, changing the preheader text, or finding a different time to send the email out. Measure the open rate after you tweak your email to learn about what appeals to your audience.


megaphoneMarketers who use segmented email marketing campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

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