Three Ways To Optimize Your Marketing Campaign

Mar 2018
marketing campaign
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Sometimes lightning strikes and everything comes together. However, these rare moments of wonder have a sturdy foundation of technique, hard work, and resilience. When it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign, your brand should think of it in the same way. Here are three ways to optimize the foundation of your marketing campaign.


Landing Page


Whether you’re driving web traffic organically or through ads, you want to ensure that you give your audience a place to go to that’s clear, concise, and provides the information necessary for them to take the next step in your conversion process. Landing pages are a great way to create a unique experience for the product/service that you’re offering while still keeping people on your website and engaged with your brand. Let’s say you’re a massage therapy school and you’re looking to raise brand awareness and collect e-mails. In order to maximize your efforts, you’d want to create a landing page that’s specifically created for educating potential new students about the school in order to get them interested. Your landing page might have a quick intro, a testimonial, massage companies where your graduates have gone off to work for, and a CTA (call-to-action) at the end – in this case, an e-mail sign up form. In one page, you would have a created a seamless and informational process for your target audience.




While organic content is still important, your brand will want to invest in ads as another avenue for gaining new customers. Think of ads like a megaphone – they can broadcast your message to a much larger audience. You can also target audiences that are most likely to be interested in your content and will, therefore, be more likely to accomplish your CTA. Whether you decide to do social ads, Google ads, or both, be sure to use your landing page as the URL that you’re leading people to. This maintains a unified approach to your campaign and will be a great way to track your efforts along the way. Remember, ads can be a bit of a trial and error process so you’ll want to test out a variety of copy/photo combinations as well as target audiences.


Cohesive Messaging Across Platforms


One of the most important things in any campaign is cohesive messaging. From your landing page and ads to your social media and marketing materials, always check that your copy, photos, and CTA’s are all aligned. They don’t have to be exact copies of each other, but they do have to portray the same vibe and messaging to keep the flow of the user experience. People are much more likely to continue interacting with your brand if everything is clear and easy to follow. Having consistency with messaging can also help improve your SEO. For the massage therapy landing page, you’d want to consistently use the phrases/words ‘massage therapy,’ ‘holistic massage,’ ‘holistic health,’ or ‘massage school.’


Creating a campaign flow may have multiple puzzle pieces, but once they fit together you’ll be ready for action! If you’re ready to step into the world of ads, here are a few tips about the difference between campaigns, ad sets, and ads in Facebook. 


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