Google Announces Adwords Improvements While Facebook Removes Ad Targeting Option Without Any Fanfare

Mar 2018
Google's Adwords API increases load performance by 20%. Most of the improvements simplify the user interface, but they also deliver new tools. #GoogleAdwords #Adwords #PPC #SEM #SearchEngineMarketing Share on X

Google Adwords is responsible for 33% of the total worldwide digital advertising revenue of $223.7 billion.  The internet giant has finally launched an easier to use interface as well as stats on the number of bad ads it had to remove.  It’s one of the trending stories in social media this week.

Google Announces New Adwords API and Announces Stats on Bad Ads

The new Adwords interface has finally rolled out after being in a beta test for almost a year.  The new improved interface is being touted by Google as increasing load performance by 20%.   Most of the improvements simplify the user interface, but they also deliver new tools.  For instance, advanced bid adjustments for locations or devices is not new, but the layout makes it easier to read.  Since a majority of searches are now performed on mobile devices, a bid modifier that increases the chance of showing an ad on a mobile device would put the ad ahead of your competition and give an advertiser a better chance of the sale.Google Adwords Experts Aliso Viejo

Google also announced that over 2017, it had to remove more than 3.2 billion ads that violated its advertising policy.  Some of the statistics for disapproved ads included 79 million ads for sending users to malware sites, 66 million “trick to click” ads, and 48 million ads that loaded unwanted software onto someone’s computer.  A “trick to click” ad is an ad that includes the phrase “Click Here” in its description.

Facebook Removes Ad Targeting Option

Facebook has been conducting user research and found that ads that used the “Interested In” targeting and had the option to select Men or Women could easily allow an advertiser to target users based on their sexual orientation.   The removal of this option prevents any malicious behavior that could happen due to the ad targeting.  Facebook has one of the best ad platforms to target users likes and interests but has made small changes over the years that removes some of the functionality.  Several years ago, advertisers could target fans of their competitors to steal them away for instance.

Instagram (Sort of) Changes Feed Back to Chronological

Two years after Instagram changed its feed from chronological to what they felt was more interesting to a user.  Now the platform has decided to move back to an algorithm that closely resembles the original chronological view.   This has been a point of contention of users ever since the original change because unwanted posts continue to show up at the top of a feed or if a user accidentally refreshes the app, content they might have been reading could have been lost altogether.   

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