Three Things All Websites Need in Order to Succeed

Aug 2020

Three Things All Websites Need in Order to SucceedWhen we think of successful web design, we often think of sleek, impressive sites with all of the latest bells and whistles. Unfortunately, however, even the flashiest sites can fall flat if they’re not calibrated correctly. Building a successful website has less to do with how your website looks, and more to do with how it directs users to take the actions you want them to. All successful websites have three very important things in common. Implement them, and your site is sure to begin driving success for your business, too.


They Can Easily be Found in Search

Even the most clever websites will fail miserably if users can’t find them. To avoid this pitfall and make your site highly visible to potential customers, make sure that you build a strong SEO foundation. Good SEO is just as much about people as it is about search engines. Knowing what your customers are likely searching for when they need a solution that your business provides is the foundation of optimizing your SEO strategy. Done correctly, solid SEO helps the right customers find your website organically through a combination of appropriate keywords, compelling content that answers searchers’ queries, and an excellent user experience. These factors, along with a list of 200 other variables, determine your Google search ranking. The more you can optimize, the better your chances are of appearing before your ideal customer when they search for a question that your business can answer.


They Provide a Good User Experience

89% of consumers will decide to shop with a competitor after a poor user experience, and recent data has shown that users typically make a decision about a business based on its website in just 0.05 seconds. That’s not a lot of time to make a good impression, so it’s paramount that your website provides a user experience that’s not only organized and easy to navigate, but that’s enjoyable and attention-grabbing as well. Aside from creating website content that is engaging and useful to your visitors, you should also make sure that your site is optimized for mobile, that it loads quickly for users, and that your page layouts and menus are well-designed and easy to navigate. If it’s easy for your users to engage with your website and figure out what you can do for them, they’re far more likely to take the actions that you want them to.


They Convert Visitors into Prospects and Customers

Many of the elements that make your website appealing to visitors and easy to use are also the elements that will help your website convert those visitors into prospects. Adhering to website design best practices is one of the most essential considerations of building a site that drives visitors to take action. Keeping design clean and adaptive, making it easy for users to find what they need on your site, and keeping your design simple and uncluttered are all things that can streamline the experience for users and guide them to a decision point sooner. Other helpful elements that can boost conversion rates include the copy and CTAs that you include on your website. They should be clear, informative, and inspire your customers to want to interact with your business. 

Even with all of these best practices in place, fully optimizing your website is not a process that happens overnight, but one that happens with time and careful observation. Your visitors and customers are your best resources for discovering what’s working and what isn’t working with your website. It’s important to learn to read and interpret website analytics to track your visitors’ behaviors on your website and understand how you can adjust elements of your design to convince visitors to take the right action when they arrive on your site. 


Investing in your site’s user experience leads to a $100 return for every $1 you spend.

Is your website working as hard for you as it should be?

Today’s consumers expect to encounter a polished presence on the internet, and your website needs to be up to the task.

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