How to Reach People on Facebook Who Are Interested In Your Business

Aug 2020

facebook_custom_audienceConnecting with new potential customers on social media is a great way to increase your brand awareness and get people familiar with your company, but did you know you can also use social platforms like Facebook to specifically target people who are already interested in your business? Move people further down the funnel by nurturing the audiences who already know about you. Read on to discover how to reach people on Facebook who are interested in your business.


Use Custom Audiences

Installing a Facebook Pixel into your website code is simple, but can give you access to more complex data tracking and retargeting capabilities than if you were to simply use Facebook ads. A pixel can track actions users take on your website, social media profiles, or app, and give you the ability to use custom audiences in Ads Manager. Custom audiences are ad audiences built off specific actions users have taken with your brand, and can be used in a variety of ways to invite people who are already interested in you to take further action.

Reach Website Visitors

Retargeting website visitors can help you hit groups of people who made it to your website but may not have made a purchase. You can tell this group is interested in what you have to offer, but they need an extra push to fully convert. Custom audiences based on website visitors are great for objectives like pushing a product ad to people who viewed a specific item, offering a deal to people who already made a purchase, or any other action-specific objective. 

Go After Profile Visitors

Custom audiences also allow you to retarget people based on engagement with your Facebook or Instagram profile. You can narrow down your ad targeting to people who viewed a video, liked your page, or any number of hyper-specific actions people took on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. These are people who have expressed interest in your brand and your knowledge but might not have visited your website yet. Choose to send retargeting ads to these people when you want to get them to move further down the funnel. Since they have already expressed interest, they’re more likely to click on an ad than someone who is unfamiliar with your brand. 

Connect with Leads

Reaching people who are on email or customer lists through Facebook advertising can be a great way to grab their attention on a different platform and in a more visually effective way. Spreading out where you touch these interested customers can help you get the maximum amount of exposure without oversaturating content through one channel. When reaching out to people from lists, make sure the ad creative you use matches up with the lead’s specific segment and tags. These people already know about you, so it is essential that this next touch aligns with their previous interactions.


Engage App Users

The Facebook Pixel also allows you to reach app users through custom audiences. People who have opened or purchased an item through your app are already highly interested in your products, so reaching them through Facebook ads can be a good way to turn them into lifetime customers. 


No matter where they come from, it is essential to capture the attention of people who are interested in your business and build a real relationship with them. Retargeting with the use of custom audiences is a highly effective way to achieve this, and might be the exposure you need to turn someone from a lead to a sale.


Retargeting people who are interested in your business can lift ad engagement rates up to 400%


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