Facebook Announces Integrations with WordPress Blog Posts

Jun 2012

Social media has many caveats.  With frequent updates and resurfacing content, social media changes rapidly.  Be sure to keep up on the most pressing and intriguing issues to help you master the art of social media.  Using social media is one thing but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news.


Working seamlessly seems to be a trendy feature in today’s technological world.  As consumers we appreciate when things work better together, whether it be phones, devices, computes or programs, things go better in pairs.  If you are an Apple user, well then you are quite accustomed to production integration.  For all you aspiring photographers, you’ve seen it with Facebook and Instagram.  Well now for the aspiring writers, WordPress and Facebook have collaborated to allow Facebook features like social publishing, mentions and comment discussions to be integrated on WordPress blogs.  Learn all the features here

In a world dominated by inbound marketing social media has made quite a name for itself.  In fact, 75% of buyers are likely to use social media in the purchasing process.  It doesn’t stop there.  B2B and B2C are seeing spikes in activity from social media which in turn are increasing their sales.  Another awing statistic is that 61% of marketers use social media to increase their lead generation.  This powerful all encompassing tool is benefiting business in ways never imagined.  Insider View created an insightful infographic with numerous statistics of how social media has one way or another improved business.  Check it out

SEO is important for just about anything on the web.  Whether it be your blog, your website, your pictures or even your videos, without SEO no one will find them.  Among others, SEO is one of the most important social media tactics out there.  Good SEO can get your content found and Great SEO can get your content on the first SERP of Google.  For those unaware, SERP is Search Engine Results Page.  Being recognized by Google is one thing, getting on the first SERP is another, but getting in the top five results is fantastic.   Its a bit easier to have great SEO for your website or blog but often times we run into roadblocks with how to successfully use SEO for videos.  Here is a guide you may find useful for enhancing video SEO.  See all 10 Tips

News is important to our society.  Everyone wants to know what’s going on with their favorite topics or what’s going on in their favorite industry.  With TV news its easy to become informed, all you do is turn on the local news station and two stunning news anchors have everything, well almost everything, you want to hear prepared and then present it to you.  Well what if you want to know more?  Where do you look? The internet right?  So then you Google “top social media stories” for example and you get results that have the word “top” or “social” or “media” or even “stories” in them.  Twitter and Facebook are beginning to add some competition. They might be sites you want to start looking to for news.  With 11 and 48 million users respectively, more and more people are finding news “they wouldn’t have found elsewhere” on these sites.  See what others are saying

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