Posting Content to StumbleUpon

Jun 2012

Everyone wants to get their content found on social media.  We go through rigorous and tedious processes to use SEO to help optimize our websites, our blogs, pictures, everything.  Attaching key words, indexing, writing pristine descriptions and making catchy titles all so that Google picks up your content.  What if I told you there was an easier way, what If I told you that you could expose your content to over 20 million people with just the click of a button?  I bet you would be interested right?  Or enough to keep reading.

The answer is simple, its through StumbleUpon.  For those not yet familiar, StumbleUpon is a website that lets you browse the internet by categories.  You can select music, travel, sports, marketing even down to specific categories like dogs, surfing, snowboarding or scuba diving.  You can also browse through content from your favorite source with the StumbleUpon channels section.  Here you have access to content from places like Hulu, The History Channel, Cosmopolitan, or Red Bull.  Their content is virtually limitless.  They even appeal to those always on the go with their mobile apps.

katie wagner social meda, orange county social media consultant, posting to stumble uponSo your convinced that StumbleUpon is the place to be, the next step is getting your content in front of millions of people.  One thing to consider is that StumbleUpon does not index and crawl the web like Google.  Information winds up on StumbleUpon based on taste preferences of users.  That is to say, what they do and don’t like.  Therefore its much easier to submit content.  Here are the 3 main ways that you or anyone else can get your content on StumbleUpon.

First, you can add a StumbleUpon Badge to your website.  Much like the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest badges, the StumbleUpon badge allows individuals to directly submit content they see on your site as a “like” or “recommendation” for StumbleUpon.

Second, you  can manually submit content from the internet directly to the site. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL, categorize your find and then leave an optional comment if you chose.  It’s that simple.

Third, you can install the StumbleUpon Addon for either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and submit pages as you search the internet.  This addon allows you to “like” the page as you view it.  Once you click the “I like it!” button, a new window opens in your browser and automatically takes you to the submit page.  From here all you need to do is categorize your find and then voila, it will now appear for other users to stumble upon.

So if you want to compliment your valiant SEO efforts, StumbleUpon now gives you a second tool in your arsenal.







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