The Power of the Facebook Ad | Social Media Help Desk Episode 80

Oct 2019

This week, we’re live out of KWSM Atlanta for the latest episode of the Social Media Help Desk! President and CEO Katie Wagner hosts the panel with Content Editor Princess Ruff and Junior Content Editor Meghan Greene, discussing the social media marketing tips business owners need to know to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 


Princess leads off with her thoughts and experience with video for LinkedIn. From where you should post videos on the platform to tips for creating the videos themselves, Princess shares her top 4 tips with the panel. 


Then, Katie takes over with some thoughts on the power of Facebook ads. Unlike the expensive and often ineffective methods of traditional media (think billboards, direct mail, etc.), Facebook ads provide you with advanced technological capabilities of specific targeting so you can ensure you’re reaching the right audience for your brand. Princess and Meghan jump in with their hands-on experience with ads and discuss the best practices for budgeting and split testing.


Our panel wraps up the conversation with a group discussion on chatbots. Split on their opinions of bot effectiveness, watch as Katie and the panel debate when a chatbot might be right for your business. 


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33% of customers wish to use chatbots to make reservations, order online, etc.

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