A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Nov 2019

Posting a picture on social media takes about two seconds, but have you ever stopped and taken the time to analyze the photos you see? If you haven’t, you’ll realize that there is much more to a photo than what meets the eye. It just takes a few seconds to stop scrolling.

For example, if a person in a photo has a look of happiness in their eyes, we empathize with the way they feel. It also reminds us of our own life experiences. 


On the other hand, if we see a photo of fall foliage in Massachusetts, we can imagine being there hearing the crunch as we walk through the fallen, vibrant leaves. Photos are important in sharing a story and evoking emotion.


Here are three reasons why they should not be an afterthought:


Helps People Remember Your Message

If you’re a dentist and your messaging focuses on delivering a great smile, numerous photos of smiles from patients of all ages can be relatable to your audience. It showcases what you do best. The next time someone looks in the mirror and doesn’t like their smiles, they may think about the branding from that dentist. 

Gives Your Post Context

Have you ever listened to a story and asked your friend to show you a picture of the event they attended or the person that they are talking about? That is because when you are listening to their story, you want a photo to help provide meaning behind the story. The same thing goes for your business. A photo adds richness to your story.


Brings More Eyes To Your Content

By adding images to your posts and your blogs, you will notice that more people will stop and take the time to read what you have to say because the image caught their eye. People will notice a photo before they see the words on your post or page. 


Instagram alone sees over 95 million photos are uploaded each day.

Are you using photos in your digital marketing strategy?

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