The Keys of Maximizing Pinterest Analytics

Mar 2017
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Is your business pinning away on Pinterest, but you aren’t sure if you’re doing a good job? The visual platform is taking away the guesswork and handing you the keys to a new analytics dashboard to gain insight into your efforts. This feature, called Pinterest Analytics, gives you deep-diving data into how well you’re engaging your audience. The analytics come in three forms:

Profile Analytics

Profile analytics will chart things such as how many times your pins appeared on home feeds and search results, the number of times a user clicked through your profile, and the number of times your pins were saved. This data can show you how many people are seeing your profile, which can be helpful when comparing the numbers of people who have viewed your profile versus how many people are engaging.

Audience Analytics

Audience analytics deals with metrics such as the country, language, and gender of the users who are interacting with your pins. This aspect gives great information about demographics and can allow you to get a better idea of who is engaging with your content.

Website Analytics

Website analytics will provide metrics such as impressions, repins, and best times and days to post based on previous engagement. This feature is crucial and gives you the important information about what content your audience actually enjoys engaging with.

How Can Analytics Help Your Pinterest?

It can be frustrating pinning content while not knowing which content works, who is engaging with the content, and who is the audience that’s seeing it. Pinterest analytics gives you insight into these questions. Once you understand your audience using these metrics, you can better tailor your pins to that target audience. Remember, Pinterest success is more than having a lot of followers; the goal of your content should be to reach the target audience and convert those people into new or loyal customers. This data helps you understand your audience, what it likes and doesn’t like, and helps you reshape your content strategy for the channel.

Any analytical data can be overwhelming, but having that information is important to creating effective content. Pinterest Analytics makes it easy for business owners to make the most of their Pinterest accounts with this new insight.

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