The Business of Blogs | Social Media Help Desk Episode 78

Oct 2019

It’s Facebook versus online bullies, and Facebook is trying to score the knockout punch in this fight. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our panel is streaming live out of Atlanta, and we’re discussing the week’s trending topics, the use of hashtags, and how you can utilize blogs to support your business. Rick Ormsby and Breonna Quash are discussing all of this and more. 


Banishing the Bullies 00:00-08:28


Do you see a link between likes and negative behavior on social media channels? Well, Facebook does too, and it is making moves to combat it. Rick and Breonna are discussing Facebook’s decision to continue to limit “vanity” metrics such as likes and views on the platform in an effort to eliminate bullying. The panel is weighing the pros and cons of this, discussing what Instagram is doing to fight bullying, and more news about major YouTube changes coming soon.


Hashing it Out 08:28-17:25


How do you see hashtags – useful tools or meaningless fodder? It depends on how you use them! Breonna is sharing her tips on correct hashtag use. From what hashtags to use to which channels you should be using them on, Breonna is sharing her experience and knowledge on the topic. 


Blogging Basics 17:25-27:40


Rick is wrapping the conversation up with his own advice on blogging for businesses. How do you know if you should be blogging for your brand? What are the benefits of maintaining a blog? Rick and Breonna are sharing their experiences with blogging on behalf of clients and reminding you of the powerful benefits a blog can bring to your website. 


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