Text Message Marketing: 3 Secret Weapons for Your Business

Apr 2022

Text message marketing is an effective way to communicate to your audience. It is quick, direct, and cost-efficient, but the benefits are only seen if implemented correctly. Here are 3 secret weapons for your business to keep in mind3 Best Practices for Text Message Marketing when wanting to reap the benefits of this tool. 


Set the Tone

Your business should understand the details of compliance regulations when it comes to text message marketing. To avoid any legal consequences, you’ll want  to set the tone within the first text message. The first text message is very important to establish a clear level of understanding to your audience so they know what they are signing up for. You must include what your business is, how people can opt out, and a notice that message and data rates may apply. Those three factors will establish transparency to protect customers from unsolicited messages and your business from fines and penalties. 


Text During Business Hours    

Nobody likes to be woken up by a text message notification in the middle of the night. Your business should be aware of the timeliness of messages when incorporating text message marketing tactics. If your message is sent during business hours, your audience is more likely to engage with it because they are awake and alert. 


Frequency Matters  

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail at text message marketing is because they send too many messages. Bombarding your audience with texts will likely result in your messages being flagged as spam. The guideline for how many messages to send is between 2 to 6 per month or one each week. 


Text to Success  

Whether your business has extensive text message marketing experience, or you’re interested in starting your first campaign, it is important to consider the three best practices above to reap the benefits of brand awareness and customer engagement. You will get out what you put in, so be sure to have a clear understanding of compliance regulations, put meaning into the first text message, send out messages during business hours, and use the 2 to 6 per month guideline to gauge message frequency.  


red megaphone / bullhorn95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received. 


Don’t let your text message marketing campaign get flagged as spam. Work with KWSM to develop a powerful campaign to expand your audience and strengthen your brand.  

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