Streaming and In-Person Event Strategies We Can Learn from Las Vegas Shows

Nov 2020

Las Vegas is known for eccentric entertainment at almost every property on the strip and downtown. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this year, many shows have been on a hiatus. However, after months of being dark, entertainers are finally taking the main stage again and promoting a whole new, safer experience. They’re pivoting their in-person event strategies in light of the pandemic, and we can learn from these Las Vegas digital marketing tactics.

Social Distancing In Theaters

Several major strip properties have revised their current hotel marketing plans by reintroducing some of their major shows and inviting patrons to see them live. In order to keep both the audience and performers safe, social distancing and limited capacity requirements have been added to theaters. 

Absinthe at Caesars Palace has moved all seating to a tent just outside of the property and rearranged their previous seating set up to accommodate safer distances between viewers. MGM Resorts has recently resumed selling tickets for Carrot Top and David Copperfield. These shows will now have a limited capacity of 250 and additional space between patrons.

Virtual Events

Live-streamed concerts and events have exploded during 2020. For a part of the year, businesses were not able to host live audiences. Instead, they turned to live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and brought Las Vegas’ top show to local living rooms. Monday’s Dark, a Las Vegas variety show focused on raising money for local charities, has been successfully running virtual events for most of this year. Each Monday, they bring a different act to their stage at The Space and stream the performance. More recently, they’ve even hosted a virtual 5K. As a result of these unique tactics, this business has been able to continue supporting local charities and keeping Las Vegas entertainment alive. 

Tips for Your Business

Although the entertainment business in Las Vegas has dramatically changed over the last year, live events are not completely out of the question. As we’ve seen with many other shows, you can still connect with your audience by adding live streaming to your strategy or hosting socially distanced events. Use the tactics Las Vegas shows have implemented to find a unique way to run your event and connect with your local audience.

megaphone70% of businesses that ran virtual events had higher attendance numbers than previous in-person events.

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