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Dec 2019

The term “creativity” is thrown around a lot in the marketing world. It’s even one of our core values here at KWSM because thinking outside the box, solving problems, and generating original ideas is a huge part of what we do.

Creativity isn’t just important for making fun and interactive content, it’s imperative to stand out from your competitors and establish a brand that speaks to your audience. While you can brainstorm plenty of fun ideas, it’s likely that the majority won’t deliver the results you want without a proper strategy. So, rather than asking yourself “How do I make my content more creative,” you should be asking “How do I do I make my content more creative and effective at the same time?”

Here are our tips for creating content that is both creative and effective:


Establish a Marketing Goal for Your Content

The first step should be deciding a specific goal you want to accomplish with your content. Are you trying to drive people to your website, fill out a form, watch a video, follow your page on social media, pick up the phone and call? There are many options here, and the same piece of content may not work for all of them. Determine what action you want your audience to take first, and then consider creative ways to funnel them to it. 


Consider All Potential Audiences

Remember that you can demonstrate creativity even when it comes to audience targeting. It’s pretty obvious to define your audience based on the gender, age, and location of your most common customers, but keep in mind that there may be another audience that influences a lead conversion. For example, let’s say your primary consumers are middle-aged married men. Consider building secondary campaigns targeting their wives and children. While this alternate audience may not use your product or service, they could influence the potential customer or make a purchase on their behalf. This strategy is incredibly effective around the holidays when many consumers are shopping for someone other than themselves.


Research Your Competition

Whether it’s the face of your brand, a unique service, a great location, a price point, or something else, you need to figure out what makes your company unique from your competitors. Conduct a competitor and industry analysis during this step. What ads are your competitors running? What demographics are they targeting? What reviews are their consumers writing? What kind of content are they sharing on social media and how is it performing? Use the answers to these questions to inspire your creativity and fill the gaps your competitors have neglected.


Get Creative

Your creative efforts will be more productive with guidance and direction. Starting with a list of big ideas is great, but it’s imperative to begin with a strategy that won’t miss the mark. Once you have completed steps 1-3 you’re prepared to make creative content that’s engaging and effective.


84% of people expect brands to produce content that entertains, provides solutions, and produces experiences and events.

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