Social Networks Ramp Up Live Streaming War

Jun 2016

Video and more importantly live streaming are dominating the chatter on social networks. Several platforms are stepping up their game to fight for live video supremacy. Here are some of the social media stories in the news this week.

Facebook Live

Source: Facebook Live

Facebook wants to win the live streaming tug-o-war with platforms that provide simultaneous live conversations like, which allows up to four users to broadcast live within the same chat window.

Mark Zuckerberg’s powerhouse platform will soon allow two-person remote broadcasts. Buzzfeed was quick to applaud the move because of the ability to make live interviewing much more engaging. Facebook also will now allow users to pre-schedule streams and has created a virtual waiting room for viewers. This feature will go live starting with Verified Pages, then roll out to other users.

And in an attempt to steal some of Snapchat’s thunder, Facebook will also introduce the recently purchased MSQRD on the platform, which provides masks similar to the filters on Snapchat.\

Youtube Live

YouTube Live

Not to be outdone by Facebook, YouTube is including live video broadcasting on its mobile app.

“Our belief is that YouTube —- being central place of video on Internet — needs to be on the cutting edge. And we want to make it easier for our users to take advantage of these new technologies,” Neal Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube told Mashable.

Of course, YouTube is a veteran of live streaming, having offered live video since 2011.

In a message on its blog, YouTube took a dig at the white-hot topic of live streaming stating, “We’ve been offering live streaming on YouTube since 2011, before it was cool.”

YouTube maintains that its service provides a better infrastructure and more robust offerings in the live streaming space.

Earlier this year, the platform was the first ever to broadcast a 360-degree live video, from Coachella.

Live Events on Twitter

Source: @NFL Commish
Source: @NFL Commish


Twitter also is trying to flex its muscles in the live space in the form of events.


Twitter made history by signing a deal with the NFL to live stream 10 Thursday Night games on the platform.

With early ad sales performing well for this season’s campaign, it appears that Twitter will next expand its live broadcasting.


Among the advertisers that have bought into the social media event streaming are Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, Nestle SA’s DiGornio pizza and Sony Pictures Entertainment

Twitter has been unable to grow its users by leaps and bounds, as seen with other platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. But the NFL deal is paying off.

And in a move to encourage users to be more video friendly, Twitter is beefing up the video sharing for users, increasing the time allowed to 140 seconds.

Live streaming for your brand has its benefits. If you are unsure where to start, check out our blog on live streaming for businesses.

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