Social Media Tips for Hair Salons

Nov 2014
Social media tips for hair salons
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It’s practically science: people can’t help but snap a selfie when they’re looking and feeling wonderful. The salon check-in has become a right of passage for social media users updating their look, and is almost always followed up with a myriad of compliments from their friends.

Beyond showing off a new style, clients are ultimately saying something about your business when sharing these posts. Referrals are the greatest praise a stylist can receive, and a client happily sharing their new style accomplishes just that.

A shout-out will likely get potential clients looking at your profile, but it’s usually what they find there that determines whether or not they make an appointment.

Here’s how you can create a stunning first impression:

Be active on the most visual channels.

Are you counting on review sites to build your reputation? While Yelp is certainly useful for salons to grow their client base, it’s just the beginning of what social media can do for your business.

The beauty industry is as visual as they come, so try leveraging the channels that put an emphasis on images. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all excellent choices for sharing this type of content, and are go-to destinations for people that want to try something new with their appearance.

Mimic your favorite glossies.

Magazines like Allure and Glamour feature a variety of stories, but they all stay true to the brand’s message. Likewise, your social media channels should cover a variety of topics that still reflect your business and values – without making a hard sale. To start, share before and after pictures, style inspiration, tutorials, invitations to special events and anything else that tells your salon’s story.

Remember, each reader might end up in your chair.

Most stylists wouldn’t ignore their clients during a cut and color, but snubbing a question or comment online could convey otherwise. Lay a foundation for open conversation by regularly asking questions and participating in the dialogue.

Likewise, anything shared by others on your channels should be addressed as soon as possible. This could be as simple as thanking someone for their visit, or as complicated as addressing a negative experience and resolving it offline.

By getting active on social media, salons can capitalize on the activities of their clients, and reach a new group of prospects. Remember to thank your clients when you see any posts worthy of bragging rights – and always credit the stylist!

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