Social Media Tips and Best Practices For Hiring

Sep 2016
Photo Credit: @stephanyayinda
Photo Credit: @stephanyayinda

So you’re in the middle of hiring new talent and want to utilize social media? There are best practices for that too. From making sure a candidate is the correct fit for your brand to reaching out to talk to a prospect, we have narrowed down the top 3 social media tips for hiring. Keep reading to learn how social media can help you in your quest to find the very best to hire!

Reach For The Stars

Some social media users are simply going to stand out. If a candidate is regularly posting excellent content and displaying their expertise on LinkedIn, you may have found your newest prospect. From product styling shots on Instagram to the quality of their thought process on Twitter, there is so much you can learn about people just based on what they choose to share on social media. Is your candidate talking about your industry on social media and showing off their passion? Look at their posts and get a feel for the quality of the work they’re creating. Chances are, if they’re doing great work on social media (for which they’re not getting paid), they’ll do great work for you too.

Channel Some Investigative Skills

One of the most important things you can do as a recruiter is to conduct a social media background check on each candidate. Whether or not you’re using social media to look for new candidates, you should check their social media accounts during the hiring process to ensure they’re someone who would represent your brand or company well. While they may be perfectly work-appropriate in person, the way they conduct themselves on social media will speak volumes about them. It’s also important to check more than one channel. Most people will be on their best behavior on LinkedIn, but may let a little looser on other channels like Twitter. We’re not suggesting a complete investigation, but if their profiles are public and use their names, it’s fair game!

Keep It Professional

Whether you’re looking to partner up with an influencer on Instagram or head straight for a full-time hire on LinkedIn, if you do choose to reach out to a candidate, keep it strictly professional. Treat a direct message on social media with the same respect you would an email. Social media is a double-edged sword in this sense: Just like you would check a candidate to make sure they’re behaving appropriately, you are also expected to represent your brand and display professionalism. It’s also important to note that once you reach out, you’re just as much out in the open! Any message you send can easily be captured by a screenshot, so keep any interaction strictly professional.

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