A Twitter Revolution: A Character Change is Here!

Sep 2016

Twitter is cutting down on what counts toward character limits, while Pinterest is reaching out to businesses of all sizes with its new “Promote Button,” and Instagram is giving more power to its users with the launch of new comment filter options.A Twitter Revolution

These are your trending social media stories in the news this week!

Quick Clicks to Create a Promo On Pinterest

 In an ongoing effort to help businesses monetize on the platform, Pinterest has launched its new “Promo Buttons.”

Using these four easy steps, you can create an ad for a pin of your choice:


  1. Choose a pin from your profile that you would like to promote and click the new “Promote” button.
  2. Enter the page URL where you’d like to send traffic.
  3. Set your daily budget.
  4. Click the final “Promote” button and you’re all set!

The only time advertisers will be charged is when someone clicks through to your website using the button. You can use keywords to help maximize the reach of your campaign.

Do you use Pinterest to help maximize your reach in social media? If the answer is no, the new “Promote” button is a good incentive to start!

Instagram Gives Screening Power To Its Users

While celebrities and high-profile accounts have had the ability for some time now, Instagram has now rolled out its comment screening options for all users in an effort to keep users happy and safe online.

To enable this function, enter the Instagram settings and find “comment moderation.” Once there, slide the button in the “moderate comments” button.

When toggled on, the app will block a pre-selected set of offensive words that are most reported as offensive.

Twitter Tweaks the 140 Character Rule

Twitter is allowing you to say more in 140 characters.

The platform will not longer factor user handles and media attachments (images, GIFs, videos, polls, etc.) as part of your 140 characters. The extra room for text will give users more flexibility in composing their messages.

While there were wild rumors that Twitter would allow unlimited characters or even cap the count at 10,000, this is the only change so far.

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