Social Media Micro-Influencers Can Help Boost Your Brand

Dec 2016
Photo Credit: @lizzie_darden

Go big or go home, right? Not always. From a young age, we’re often taught to dream big, shoot for the moon, and never settle for less than what you want. However, when it comes to giving your brand the boost it needs, bigger isn’t always better.


As social media continues to take the world by storm, social media influencers have a good amount of say in their fair share of the market. From fashion bloggers with millions of Instagram followers to YouTube stars with their very own channel stocked full of subscribers, it could seem like a business’s big break can happen just by working with a social media influencer. One endorsement, a single post, or even a passing comment could drive hundreds of new visitors to a company’s website.


But what are the odds of landing such a popular partnership? It depends on a variety of factors, but ultimately, partnering with famous influencers can be more costly and difficult to secure.


Famous social media influencers can be paid hundreds of dollars for a single post, may be difficult to get in contact with, and may not be interested in working with your brand with other offers on the table.


While a sponsorship from a social media super star may seem like a dream come true, for a small business on a budget it may not be the best investment.


Enter the micro-influencer: A social media influencer with a smaller amount of followers, who is still able to retain a dedicated audience. Although a micro-influencer doesn’t have the millions of followers, they still have the ability to help your small business gain visibility through engaging an audience—all while promoting your products.


Micro-influencers can have as little as 1,000 followers, but the key to discovering a quality influencer with a following of any size is to really do your research. Is their fan base genuine and truly engaged with what the micro-influencer is saying? Does the micro-influencer create content that matches the aesthetic of your brand? If you’re getting the green light on these questions and any others you may have, then go for the partnership.


But remember, quality versus quantity! The best types of influencers you can work with are those that already know and love your brand. These make for authentic partnerships and can kick start some great social networking for your business.


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