Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Nov 2019

What better time than the holidays to make your customers and clients feel special! While this time of year brings plenty of hustle and bustle that crowds customers with sales, there are several ways you can stand out and really give your customers an experience they won’t forget this season. Here are 4 social media marketing tips to help you successfully navigate your business through the holidays.


Build Momentum Ahead of Time

43% of shoppers started holiday shopping in November or even sooner. This means to get ahead during the holidays, you have to start your marketing campaigns early! The key to creating anticipation and excitement in your customers is building momentum. Give them sneak peeks and teasers into special deals/products your business will have for them. The build-up to holiday specials drives the impulse to buy when a new product/service or special deal is finally released.


Make The Offer Extra Exclusive

People rarely want the same old thing that everyone has. So make your holiday deals irresistible by making them exclusive! For example, give a special 50% off or BOGO deal to only your email subscribers. Or you could give away free products that your business is beta testing when a customer purchases a higher-end product/service. This is the time of year to be particularly creative and think outside the gift box. 


Get Creative With Your Ads

Using ads throughout the holidays is always helpful, however, be mindful that this is the season when just about every company will be doing the same thing. Therefore, you will typically see an increase in the cost of paid traffic. A trick around this is to use short (15-30 second) videos with bold calls to action! Videos receive a lower cost-per-thousand (CPM) than images. So leverage this style of content throughout your holiday campaign!


Appeal to Your Shoppers’ Emotions

The key to all of these tips is to tap into your audience’s emotions. This is almost too easy to do around the holidays. Be careful though, you can easily ruin it by being too salesy and forgetting about the story. Hone your storytelling and draw your audience in with a sense of warmth and nostalgia. Make them feel connected to your business’s overall brand and mission. This can push them closer to the checkout cart and possibly encourage a return visit after the holidays have passed.



In 2018, 50 percent of shoppers had completed their holiday shopping by December 3. 

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