How Sharing a Facebook Event Can Help Your Business

Nov 2019

There are many ways that you can utilize Facebook to help grow your business. One tool that can help you reach a larger audience is a Facebook Event. On a monthly average, about 700 million people create and share events on Facebook. From the consumer side, 35 million Facebook users view these shared events daily. With this tool, you can set up an event, reach a larger audience, increase attendance, and sell tickets just through one Facebook post alone. 

Drive More Foot Traffic

Sharing a Facebook event is useful for those who hold any type of gathering to help promote their business. This may be a grand opening, monthly podcast, public conference, or scheduled discount on a product or service. When you share your event, faithful followers will have increased exposure to your post.

Update Your Audience 

Your customers and clients are your most important fans. They buy and review your products, and they share updates on your business. When you post an event, your audience now knows important information such as the date and time, location and driving directions, and key details about what your event is. Once they’ve accepted the invitation, it may take only a few RSVP’s for the event to spread organically.

Promote Your Event

Once you’ve created an event, you can boost it by turning it into an ad as a means of developing a higher response rate. Boosting an event allows you to reach a larger and more specific audience. You can target your audience by age, gender, location, and interests. This feature can also be utilized for increasing ticket sales. The posted event has the ability to send Facebook users to your ticket website. You can customize your targeting to go after likely ticket-buyers.


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