Social Media Apps: How Dark Mode Helps Your Marketing Strategy

Jan 2022

Social media apps are a great tool for bringing awareness to your business. The opportunity to engage with people in your target audience is invaluable and regular social media management is key. However, using apps each day can be a literal eyesore for those focusing on a daily social media activity. Over the years, social media apps have improved their user experience to better suit the needs of consumers as well as businesses.

One such improvement is the dark mode feature. As a user of social media apps each day for clients, dark mode has improved the quality of my marketing experience. Below are reasons why your business should know about dark mode and how it benefits your social media strategy.

What is Dark Mode?

First of all, what is the dark mode feature? It is exactly like it sounds! Dark mode is a special feature in your account settings that makes a social media app’s user interface darker. It is a simple feature that swaps bright backgrounds with dark ones. You receive the same experience, but with less strain on your vision. Think about it! Which would you prefer to look at for hours?


What are the Benefits of Dark Mode?

When you see it, the difference between the standard mode and dark mode is striking. As a small business, your online marketing may require you to swap back and forth between apps and spend time interacting with your audience. Dark mode makes that experience easier and helps you use apps for longer periods with less eye fatigue. Not only that, but it also:

  • Improves readability
  • Reduces glare
  • Limits blue light exposure 

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What Social Media Apps Offer Dark Mode?

If your business has an online presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google you can toggle the dark mode on. The most recent social media app to hop on the dark mode bandwagon is LinkedIn. It debuted its dark mode feature last year. Best of all, no matter what device you use, desktop or mobile, you can enable dark mode on your business account for all screens. 


megaphoneAs of October 2021, 4.55 billion people are active on social media.

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