How Do You Use Instagram Guides?

Feb 2022

instagram guidesInstagram Guides is one of the newest tools to hit the platform. This new feature gives users a simple way to share step-by-step guides, tips, and recommendations. Each guide contains a cover image, title, introduction, and optional descriptions for each entry. Different from standard content formats, Guides are meant to function as long-form content that’s typically found on company websites. 

Thinking about trying this trend? Here’s how you can apply this to your social media marketing strategy.

Product or Services Lists

A great way to use Instagram Guides is to showcase the current or new products or services you have. In your guide, you can house a collection of content specific to each product or service and include your FAQs. Then, you can drive users back to your website or to contact you via direct message through your business profile.  

How-To Guides

Many business owners are using Instagram Guides as step-by-step guides . This is a great way to showcase your team walking customers through both your products and services. You can also feature responses to those same FAQs to not only help your customers use your products and services but encourage them to ask more questions from your team and engage in a one-on-one conversation.

Brand Story

New or small companies may be focusing on getting their name out and building their brand awareness. Instagram Guides can be used to showcase your brand story and help users and customers get to know you more deeply. This can be a story about your founder, what your business cares about most, and even your plans for the future. 


Are you working with influencers in your current social media marketing? Showcase their collaborations on your Guides. This allows you to tap into your audience and your collaborators and share about your business with even more Instagram users. Collaborate Guides also work well if you have a sponsored collection and want to share the story behind the vision. 

Travel Guides

Travel guides are one of the most popular ways to use this new feature. If your business focuses on travel resources, you can feature a different location or tip in each Guide. You can also use this same model to feature the locations of your business and showcase what your business is doing in that community. 

There are endless possibilities for you to use Instagram Guides. Everything from weekly blog content to specialty stories can be included in your Instagram profile using this new feature. To make the most of your content, think about your biggest goal and shape your Guide strategy to help you achieve it.

megaphone50%  of people use Instagram to discover new brands.

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