Snapchat’s Copycat | Social Media Help Desk Episode 34

Oct 2018

Does Instagram’s newest feature “Nametag” sound familiar to you? Well for Snapchat users, it probably does! KWSM: a digital marketing agency’s President and CEO Katie Wagner is hosting this week’s Social Media Help Desk alongside Content Editors Taylor Glaze and Isaac Juarez as they discuss this change and the best way to engage happy customers online. Did Instagram’s twist improve the Nametag feature’s capabilities?


In other recent news, YouTube has developed a new browser feature, which has our panelists split on its functionality. Would you utilize the capability to continuously play video while searching for the next? Our panelists are sound off!


As we inch closer to the winter season, the holidays are on many of our minds, including the KWSM team! Katie, Taylor, and Isaac are discussing Pinterest’s new features, which you can utilize as you roll out your holiday campaigns.


The Social Media Help Desk panelists wrap things up with a discussion on engaging happy customers online. If you’re only responding to issues with your social media, you’re missing out on an easy way to strengthen relationships and build your clientele. The team is breaking down the best way you can interact with positive reviews.


Studies show 90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search – including your potential customers! How are you doing online?

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