Make Your Social Media Work Smarter, Not Harder

Oct 2018

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Running social media channels isn’t easy. Sourcing content, posting, checking your analytics… It all gets overwhelming from time to time, especially when you’re in charge of other parts of your business. Typically, social channels are the first piece to fall behind when you get overwhelmed, but they shouldn’t be. The key is to find better ways to be productive and maximize your time and success. Instead of giving up, it’s time to make a plan.

Everyone organizes differently, but there are a few universal tricks that you can fold into your current workflow that can help you minimize the time you’re spending.


Don’t Multitask

We all know someone that swears they are a “multitasking master,” but time and again it’s been proven to be not just ineffective, but it can also set you farther behind. Multitasking has been shown to decrease IQ scores and increase stress hormones. You need to focus on one matter at a time. One great trick is to do your content in batches. Handle your Facebook first, and do all the tasks you need to. Then move to your Instagram, and so on. Staying on task will help you get through the work quicker, and make it more effective.


Be Strategic  

Fresh content is essential, but it can take far too long to source content at times. There is a lot to be earned from recycling older posts and repackaging them. Remember, your audience isn’t guaranteed to see your post, so reusing a piece of content weeks or months down the line will likely reach people that haven’t seen it. Automation is also a strong tool, if you use it strategically. Facebook rewards live posting, so scheduling every post is a detriment, but setting up a post for a specific day or time periodically won’t hurt you, and can let you get out multiple posts in a day without having to go online more than once. Sites like Buffer and Hootsuite are also excellent tools for Twitter. You should never rely on automation or old content, but both can help save you time and energy.


Track Metrics

Analytics can be dull, and time consuming, but it is something you can’t skip over. The key is to check your analytics and track your posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can get a general idea of a posts success by the likes and shares you see as you scroll through your page, but deep diving isn’t essential on a daily basis. Put aside time each week to focus on your analytics, see what’s working and what’s not, but don’t get yourself bogged down. Make sure the time you spend looking at performance is getting you results instead of giving you a headache.


Say No

One very common mistake is the inability to just say “no.” Saying yes to too many requests, both with your social media and the rest of your business, will sink you faster than almost anything. You need to make sure you have the time to focus on the necessities and not take on extra work. It can be tough to do, but saying no can improve your workflow more than you might think.


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