Should You Be Worried About the New Facebook Newsfeed?

Mar 2013


Alas, Facebook is making updates… again.

Facebook unveiled its latest version of the Newsfeed last week, promising its users a better, more beautiful interface.

The Newsfeed is the core of our Facebook experience; it’s the first page we see when we log in, and where we spend most of our time scrolling through, interacting with and digesting bits and pieces of our friends’ lives. In short, the Newsfeed is pretty important to how we use Facebook.

Facebook aims to enhance this experience for its users, tailoring its Newsfeeds to each individual with “the most relevant blend of stories that maximizes engagement and interest.” Highlights of the new Newsfeed include emphasis on bigger visuals and the ability for users to sort updates by different feeds, one of which will be specifically designated for brands and business pages.

The good news for business owners is that with a dedicated feed for just Pages, all content from Facebook pages will—allegedly– show up in this feed in chronological order, rendering the pesky EdgeRank algorithm obsolete.

The potentially bad news? How can we guarantee that people can escape the overwhelming, compelling content from their personal Newsfeeds (cat memes, anyone?), and click through to the Pages feed in the first place? Will our pages’ posts just overflow, alone in their own feed, never to be seen by anyone?

These are just a couple of things to think about as Facebook rolls out its new changes to the Newsfeed. Should you be worried? Probably, but it won’t help to stress out over it. Facebook has been increasingly aggressive in making it harder for businesses and brands to market themselves on the network. But rest assured, we always find ways to work through these obstacles. For now, I’m hoping that the new Newsfeed changes will benefit businesses on Facebook.







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