Should You Be Utilizing Promoted Pins on Pinterest for Your Business?

Apr 2019


Pinterest-Ads-for-E-CommerceToday there are 77.4 million people in the U.S. using the social media platform Pinterest. With more e-commerce companies discovering the value of Pinterest Ads (also called promoted pins), it’s difficult to determine whether your business should be putting resources into running Pinterest ads and, if so, how much you should be spending. Are promoted pins really worth the effort for e-commerce businesses?


Pinterest’s paid advertising uses the CPC (cost per click) model, meaning you pay when your pin is clicked on. As with other digital advertising platforms, you are able to target your ads based on user demographics and interests. According to Pinterest, 84% of users go to Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy and 77% have found a new brand or product by using Pinterest. According to Pew Research, 41% of American women use Pinterest. The channel is most popular for women ages 18-35. The top 5 topics searched on Pinterest are Food/Drink, Fashion, Home Decor, Event Planning (Weddings, Baby showers, etc.) and DIY crafts/projects.


So the question still stands: are paid pins worth it for e-commerce businesses? I think it depends on what your product is, your overall digital advertising budget, and your target market. For some e-commerce businesses, promoted pins may be more successful than Facebook and Google Ads and reaching your desired audience. With 55 percent of pinners are looking specifically for products, getting your product in front of them means increased chances of getting a sale. Pinterest Advertising is less popular with marketers than Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, and that may mean there’s less competition for the eyeballs you want. If your target market is women, it’s probably worth a trial investment in promoted pins. Unlike users of other social media platforms, Pinterest users are looking for ideas and just … well, THINGS. They are shoppers. And, the way the channel works as a discovery platform, there’s little to no competition in the feed from the friends of your target audience posting about their weekend or the new puppy their coworker just adopted.


50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin. Don’t get left behind, work with KWSM to develop a powerfully targeted digital advertising campaign that will expand your reach with potential customers.


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