Should My Atlanta Business Continue Marketing During COVID-19?

Apr 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many unforeseen changes to businesses all over the country, especially those in cities like Atlanta that have mandated Shelter in Place orders. With every person in the city and throughout the state of Georgia instructed to stay at home, businesses that were booming less than a month ago are having to make tough decisions about how to stay afloat now while preparing for the future. 


Many businesses are struggling to decide which services should be scaled back to cut costs. Some have considered pausing or ending their marketing efforts altogether. This strategy may seem appealing in the short term but may create even greater challenges in the long run. Pivoting your marketing strategy instead of putting it on hold could be the very thing that helps your business stay top of mind and allows you to hit the ground running when the crisis begins to pass. 


Here are 3 reasons why your Atlanta business should put more eggs in its digital marketing basket during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rebuilding SEO Will Take Time… Lots of It

Creating and implementing a new marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight, nor does rebuilding one. Even if your company is currently showing up at the top of Google Search, taking a substantial amount of time off from the digital sphere of influence will hurt your results when you eventually try to jump back into the game. 


Google Search closely monitors which sites are staying active with regular updates including new pages like blogs. If the website management and optimization of your Atlanta business suddenly came to a screeching halt, Google would likely be the first to know. Your business’s search rank is not static and can collapse in far less time than it takes to build. While you’re on hold, everyone else will keep moving and you may not be able to simply pick up where you left off. Even getting back to the first page could take months of SEO management — especially if your competition remained digitally active in your absence.


Get Ahead of the Competition

You’re not the only one considering pulling the plug on your digital marketing efforts right now. Many businesses are going back and forth with this decision… including your competitors. In a time where they may not be prioritizing their digital presence, you have the perfect opportunity to rise up and get noticed. Take advantage of this time to establish your company online and build brand awareness while others fall behind. 


Now Is the Time to Get Creative!

If there was ever a time to take chances, it’s now. Whatever was working before may no longer be a viable strategy. Don’t fear the creative unknown! We are in unprecedented times, so don’t be surprised if the best solution is a bit out of your comfort zone. Any changes to your business strategy should be reflected in your marketing efforts. It may be time for your company to host its first webinar, change up its messaging, or offer new online services and resources you haven’t previously explored. 


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