How To: SEO for Pinterest

Apr 2019

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram normally come to mind when people think of social media marketing, but what about Pinterest? Despite what you might think, Pinterest is pulling in over 250 million users monthly, so it’s certainly a platform worth looking at for marketing your brand. Pinterest has become addictive because users are spending time looking for inspiration and new discoveries, making it perfect for brands to market their products and services. Whether you’re new to the platform or looking to freshen up your content to get more eyes on your brand, we have some SEO tips for Pinterest.


desk with keyboard, whiskey in a short glass next to keyboard. Phone displaying 2:34 on clock and one small leaf in a clear vaseKeywords

Search engines aren’t the only ones using keywords to put good content in front of its audience. The same keyword strategy that you use to describe your product or service to search engines should be what you use on Pinterest. On the platform, the pin description is the most important place to include keywords. Board titles, board descriptions, and your bio also help in getting your content discovered.


Pinterest feeds your content through your followers first to see which ones get good engagement; the ones that do get distributed to a broader audience. Look at the content that is getting the most repins and engagement and use it as a guide to continue to create relevant content. Don’t overthink it; to see what other people are already searching for in the search bar. When you type your topic in the search bar, more words will pop up that are associated with that topic; this is all generated by what users are actually searching for.



To use hashtags or to not use hashtags…it’s been a debate that many marketers and brands have had since the symbol went from a pound to hashtag. When it comes to hashtags on Pinterest, we say use them. Pinterest uses the hashtags to get fresh content out to its users when they search for hashtags or click on them. This is where the hashtag conversation gets a little muddy – you don’t want to spam your pins with hashtags. While Pinterest won’t penalize you for using their 20 hashtag maximum, aesthetically it’s not as pleasing when a description is riddled with them. Instead, be specific with your hashtags and make sure that it is relevant to your pin. You can even focus on hashtags and pin descriptions with geographic terms to reach a more local audience.


What To Do with Old Pins

Now that you have all of this information, and know what you need to do moving forward, what you should you do about old and/or under-performing pins? Nothing. You won’t be penalized for your old pins, and it won’t hurt how Pinterest distributes your new pins. Plus, old pins could become popular in the future so you shouldn’t delete them either. Create new pins with new descriptions and hashtags instead of going back and deleting old ones. Pinterest loves new, fresh pins and hashtags are shown by how recent a pin is, so going in to add hashtags to old pins will be a waste of time. The success of your pins relies heavily on the pin and pinboard description.


Pinterest is a great tool for brands that want to inspire, motivate, and encourage their audiences. It offers a unique position because that’s exactly why users navigate towards it. If you use these SEO tips and explore all of Pinterest’s features to help marketers like the new Pinterest Carousel, you could find great success in marketing here.


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