Schedule Your Social Media for Personal and Professional Efficiency

Apr 2012

Schedule my social media?  My social media is organic and each presence is sincere and thought out.  Having a calendar to alert me of when I should post on what platform would only cheapen my relationship with my followers, fans or whatever I call them on Linkedin and Google +.

If that has been your response as to how you interact with some social media channels I invite you to join me as I look in the mirror.  I’m going to apologize to YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Google + for not paying enough attention to them.

Schedule when you post things, it will help you

Fitting Twitter and Facebook into my daily schedule is routine now.  However, between those two platforms, looking at cat videos and regular work there’s just not enough time to do everything.  It was thinking like that which led me to establish a schedule for all of my social media channels.

Every day of the week I have certain social media platforms that pop up in my calendar.  Every day I have Twitter and Facebook that pop up, which remind me to post and interact with people there.  On some days Instagram will remind me to take a photo or look around for curious things to comment on.

Pinterest pops up a couple times a week.  Linkedin pops up at least once a week.  Instagram is something that I do at least once a week too.   Google + is something that I’m going to start doing several times a week.  I’ve said that before, but this time I really mean it.

Think of a friend that you don’t speak to that much.   They’re your friend and you genuinely like them, but you just fall out of touch with them.  Suddenly you need something from that friend that they can assist you with.  Is that friend more likely to help you if you interact with them often or just when you need something?

It’s similar to dollar cost averaging and taking vitamins before you need them as opposed to when you’re sick.  Taking them when you’re sick is good, but had you consistently taken them before you wouldn’t be panicking because you’ve got a fever now.

You’re not posting fake or insincere content by putting it into a schedule.  You’re just reminding yourself that you need to interact with different platforms.  On some platforms, Facebook and Google + for example, you could post the same content.  After a couple weeks of using a schedule you’ll post content quicker to more sites, which will engage your audience.

Have you tried a schedule for all of your social media platforms?

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